Priscila Perez Lassard

About Priscila Pérez Lassard

Priscila is a certified yoga teacher with a passion for mindfulness. She loves teaching strong flows that bring creativity to every sequence. She is also currently a student at the University College Dublin, where she is pursuing a Master of Science in Mindfulness-Based Interventions.

Priscila discovered yoga in 2019, and it quickly became a powerful tool for connecting with her body and mind, and appreciating the present moment. She completed her yoga teacher training in Bali and is now passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

Priscila Perez Yoga Teacher

In her classes, Priscila brings creativity and fun to every sequence, creating a supportive and challenging environment for students of all levels. She believes that yoga is for everyone, and she is committed to helping students find their own unique path to a more mindful and joyful life.

Priscila is a graduate of the Mandala inaugural Teaching Circle.

She teaches a weekly morning Flow & Go Yoga Flow class on Tuesday mornings 7.15am (45 mins).  Join her on the mat to experience the power of yoga!

Priscila Perez Yoga Teacher