Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga 

Our pregnancy yoga classes on Saturdays 11.45am welcome mothers from 12 weeks to term. 

Our Antenatal yoga classes are designed to support you both physically and emotionally as you journey through your pregnancy.

Together we will practice yoga postures, breathing techniques, mantras and visualisations that will improve the strength and flexibility of both your body and mind, providing you with a sense of well-being and confidence.



Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  • Improve strength and flexibility of your core, hip and pelvic floor muscles.
  • Identify postures that can aid you during labour
  • Release tension and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Develop a slow deep and meditative breathing practice that will help balance your nervous system and support you during labour.
  • Connect with your baby
  • Feel confident and self-empowered through the use of mantras and visualisation
  • Build a self-care ritual for you and your baby

Where & When

Classes take place weekly Saturdays at 11.45am. You can onboard at any time.

Classes are 75 minutes duration and take place in our light-filled space in St. Mary’s Parish Hall on Haddington Road.

Purchase a Six Class Pass –  115 Euro. 

Try a Drop In Class 22 Euro.

We will ask you to complete a registration form on sign up before attending classes.

Health Insurance Benefit: Speak to your insurance provider about claiming back the costs. Cover varies depending on the provider and the specific plan.  We provide you with a receipt on booking for insurance claims.

For enquiries or queries about this or future courses, call or text Breda on 087 901 9311 or email us

Preparing for Your Prenatal Yoga Class

We will incorporate props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks to support you throughout the practice and the changes during each trimester.

Mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own as well as additional props if you prefer.  

We recommend that you come in comfortable clothing. And an extra layer is always nice to have during relaxation time. 

Your Yoga Teacher – Breda Eardley

Breda is a qualified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and mother of two who can attest to the benefits of pregnancy yoga.  She is also a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and a qualified reflexologist.  Breda is a regular practitioner at Mandala and also teaches workplace and Align & Flow yoga.

About Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Prenatal classes primarily focus on helping mothers-to-be to feel supported and nourished. They help with your birth preparation with lots of attention on the pelvic floor whilst facilitating exercises for better mobility, flexibility, breathing and overall wellbeing throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga classes are a softer and gentler practice built to support all the changes that are taking place in your physical, emotional and energetic body.You will also meet other mothers-to-be which can also be hugely supportive at this special time.