Mandala Teaching Circle

Teaching Circle

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.’  the playwright, George Bernard Shaw once famously said in a nasty swipe at teachers!

Well he couldn’t  have got it more wrong when it comes to misjudging the enormous value of learning how to teach something you’re passionate about.

Embarking on a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is a gateway into a much deeper understanding of yoga. A natural step that demonstrates an evolution and a commitment to your practice.

Many Mandala Yoga practitioners, have reached out to us (Amy O’Brien and Susan Ni Dhubhlaoich) over the past few months asking us whether we’re planning on offering a Mandala Teacher Training. (Short answer is not yet!) Others have sought our advice about when, where and with whom you might look to train.

We feel very honoured to have so many teacher-training graduates in our community who choose to regularly practice with us.

Your Feedback about Yoga Teacher Trainings

We’ve listened to lots of different feedback from these 200 hour trainees. 

Each one of you acknowledges what a valuable and worthwhile experience your YTT was. But you’ve also told us that some of the trainings left you with lower confidence than when you started.  Others are frustrated by the lack of opportunity to teach once training ended.  Others were disappointed by a lack of follow-up and support from your training organisations.

 At the back of our minds for some time, has been the idea of building a ‘Mandala Teaching Circle’. This circle would be made up of 200 hour YTT graduates who would come together to collaborate and support one another in different ways.

circle of teachers in a forward fold

We have an inaugural Circle ‘in pilot’ for 6 weeks with 8 Teachers. At the end of March we’ll be checking in to review how it’s working and how we take it forward.

Who is this Teaching Circle for?

  • Recently qualified yoga teachers.
  • Students who’ve completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training and are feeling frustrated about not getting the chance to build on what they’ve learned.
  • Students who are hungry to learn more.
  • New teachers keen to get a chance to teach in a live in-studio environment.

Email us to indicate your interest in the Circle should we evolve it further in 2023.