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Welcome to Yoga On Demand!Mandala Yoga ON DEMAND.

Mandala Yoga on demand channel


We know there are times when you can’t make it to live classes so we’ve built Mandala Yoga On Demand.

Our extensive ‘digital library’ of class recordings, tutorials and special event classes and yoga workshops is available to you via your Mandala Punchpass Account.  Look for the CONTENT LIBRARY tab.

Mandala Yoga On Demand allows you to practise at a time that suits YOU. 



OPTION 1: Don’t have the time to search for a class you want?

Check into our daily ‘Yoga on Demand’ class. The class is visible at the bottom of the regular daily schedule). This gives you instant access to an unedited recording of that MORNING’s live class.

    • Midweek morning recordings get uploaded by 10AM
    • Weekend morning recordings get uploaded by mid-day
  • The Yoga on Demand DAILY Class Access expires at midnight so be sure to reserve your space on time. Go to the Content Library and search under Yoga On Demand to find your class.
  •  This Yoga On Demand daily class is included in our unlimited weekly and monthly passes.
  • IMPORTANT: On a 5 or 10 CLASS PACK? Once you book in to class your pass gets ‘punched’ in the same way as if you had attended a ‘live’ class.
  • Note these classes are UNEDITED. After the class expires, if the quality meets our standards, it will be classified and uploaded into the regular Content Library.


OPTION 2: Have the time to search out the class and style of class you want to take?  

Simply purchase a pass that includes UNLIMITED access to recordings of live classes. Passes that include Yoga on Demand or the ‘content library’ as standard are clearly marked when you purchase a pass. 


OPTION 3: Purchase a One Off One Day ‘ALL YOU CAN YOGA’ online pass. 

For just €8 you get unlimited access for 24 hours to ALL classes in the library.  Take as many classes as you’d like. The clock starts ticking when you make the purchase!

Mandala Yoga on demand

What’s next for Yoga On Demand?

We are currently reclassifying all the class library content.  If you’d like to receive a regular snapshot of what’s available, sign up to our once a month curated Yoga and Wellness newsletter ‘Mandala Miscellany’ hereAnd if you have more ideas about how we can improve Yoga On Demand, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve come a long way since our first online yoga class on St. Patrick’s day 2020 – way back at the beginning of the Corona Virus pandemic! Since then we have been passionate about trying to improve the quality and range of our online class offering.

As well as focusing on sound quality we really believe the combination of audio (teacher) and visual (demo student) allows us to bring you a wide variety of fun flows not easily found elsewhere. Keep practising!