Private One to One or Small Group Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Mandala Yoga Dublin have a Teaching Team of passionate yoga teachers with many years of yoga teaching and yoga practice. They have extensive training in a variety of yoga styles (yin, vinyasa, hatha, katonah, pregnancy etc) as well as other therapeutic modalities including breathwork, meditation, massage and reflexology.

While we believe our group classes offer a very supportive and energising environment, we also recognise the benefits that come from personalised attention and guidance.

We are delighted to begin offering our regular students and new-to-Mandala students the opportunity to avail of one-to-one and small group private classes hosted at our light-filled space, tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of individuals and small groups.

What is a Private One-to-One Yoga Class?

A private class give your teacher the chance to tailor the practice to your unique body to help you reach any yoga-specific goals you may have – be that flexibility, strength, alignment, therapeutic relief. Your teacher builds a specific yoga plan unique to you rather than catering to the more varied needs of a mixed group.

rolling out of mat for private yoga classes

Why do a private class?

Students choose this option for a variety of reasons. For example, you wish to

– deepen your practice and progress more quickly

– refine and break down poses or breathing techniques

– address specific concerns or challenges you have

– have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions

Some yoga students may not wish or simply be in a position to practice with others for a whole host of reasons, including health-related and timetabling constraints. 

How much does a Private Class cost?

To receive information about our pricing for single, small group (2-3 people) classes and package options, please reach out to us via email outlining briefly what you are looking for:

  • Individual or small group
  • What you’d like to achieve
  • A one-off or a series of classes
  • Your preferred availability – morning, evening, weekened etc
  • The teacher you would like to work with
  • Preferred start date
  • Contact mobile number

We’ll provide you with a ‘no-obligation’ quote by return for you to consider.

If you are looking to progress more quickly on your yoga journey, then a series of 121 classes might be what you need.

Yoga Everywhere

Interested in bringing yoga into your workplace, school or club? We also host group regular classes and create bespoke wellness events for families, groups of friends, colleagues etc.  Learn more here.