First Timers

First time practicing with us?

Read on for tips to prepare for either Online or In Person classes with us..


  • Online classes are between 30 and 60 minutes long.
  • You will need to be registered with our online booking system PunchPass to access these classes and have downloaded a software called ZOOM to your phone or laptop.
  • Purchase your pass online.
  • Don’t forget to book into your class!
  • You will receive an email with a LINK to the class. And instructions what to do next.
  • PLEASE read the email as it has useful information in it. This email also contains a cancellation option.
  • About 20 mins before class starts you will receive a reminder email.
  • We recommend you set yourself up
    • in a quiet space where you are less likely to be disturbed
    • use an ipad or laptop
    • switch off other devices that use your broadband
    • quality of transmission depends alot on your signal
    • use a mat and perhaps a blanket or extra layer for your savasana
    • you can also set up spotify / have a playlist
  • When you click the link you enter a ‘virtual waiting room’.
  • Teacher and host will join you a couple of minutes before class.
  • As you are admitted your phone/video are muted until YOU wish to unmute.
  • Teacher will invite you to switch your video on so we can see /assist you but this is entirely OPTIONAL.
  • At the beginning or end of class we usually invite students to say hello.
  • You have a ‘chat’ option during class if you have any questions. Wave/send a chat if there is any issue with sound.

Introductory offer 20e unlimited classes


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In our On Demand library, we have a collection of online yoga tutorials to support beginners and those newer to vinyasa flow.  Take a look here.

Check out our Mandala blog for lots of information about yoga and its many benefits.


People have a lot of preconceptions about yoga.  There are an enormous range of yoga styles and practices so people have their preferences. It  is a very individual experience.

The best thing we can recommend in general is to try a variety of class styles, teachers and see what you like and enjoy. The best yoga for  you is the one that you want to return to! 

Mandala Yoga Team Teachers

At Mandala Yoga we really welcome beginners. The classes are multi-level and in each class we have a mix of new and regular practitioners. Regardless where you are in your practice, we are sure you will enjoy the experience of simply moving and breathing.

So come to class, leave any expectations at the door and dedicate this time to yourself.