Simple Self-Care for Busy Mums to Improve Your Mental Health

Simple Self-Care for Busy Mums to Improve Your Mental Health

Guest blog from Cheryl Conkins

Self-care isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a must for maintaining your mental health as a mother with a lot on her plate. When you neglect your needs, stress builds. In some cases, it may even lead to burnout, depression, or other struggles.

With self-care, you’re taking a moment to put yourself first. It’s a chance to rest, recharge, and recentre. By doing it regularly, your mental health often improves, making it easier to tackle challenges moving forward.

While some self-care routines are complex, you don’t have to go that route to see results. Here we present some simple self-care activities to improve your mental health.

Make Your Home Sparkle

While most people wouldn’t view cleaning as fun, that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial. Cultivating a fresh, vibrant house can help you reduce tension and negativity in your household while lowering your stress levels. If you find yourself arguing, use cleaning, decluttering, and letting in fresh air to make your home more positive.

Watch Funny Videos

Irish News notes that a good laugh can reduce stress significantly, even if you are originally faking the laugh. Since that’s the case, treat yourself to some funny videos whenever the opportunity arises. You can follow humor channels on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Try not to laugh challenge videos could be a great way to start, too.

By using social media as a resource for videos, you can get that fast boost while on the go. Plus, it may make your overall feed more positive, making it harder to doom scroll by mistake.

Do a Wardrobe Refresh

A wardrobe refresh can work as self-care. Not only can it feel like a treat, but it gives you a chance to select attire that makes you look and feel fantastic.

By getting some new loungewear, you can look stylish while remaining comfortable. Plus, you’ll be ready for anything from keeping up with the kids to running errands with loungewear. It’s also excellent for relaxing, ensuring you’re comfy when you get a chance to take a break.

Try Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are a classic choice when you need a quick way to relax and recentre. They’re discreet enough to do at work or in the car. Plus, they don’t require special equipment, making them accessible. You can even combine them with 10–20 minutes of meditation per day for greater relief. This is great for relieving stress and pressure.

The lion’s breath technique and 4-7-8 breathing are excellent ways to begin. Each option is simple and only takes a few minutes to do, ensuring they’re as convenient as they are helpful. You can practice these techniques and more through yoga. Mandala Yoga offers online and in studio classes while adding physical activity to your routine.

Girl sitting meditating

Ditch a Bad Job

Quitting a job you don’t like can be a form of self-care, particularly if the position is genuinely harming your well-being. It’s time to move on if job stress is leading to a lack of focus, irritability, or insomnia. That way, you can improve your mood all while making room for a role that’s a better fit. Be mindful of why you want to leave as a way to determine the next best step. Is it because of your tasks or your role overall? Could you transfer your talents to an industry that calls to you? And why are you staying? Is it because you’re scared to leave, or scared to try something new?

Cultivate a Garden

According to RTS, gardening can be a form of stress relief. Along with getting you outdoors, it lets you fit in some physical activity. Plus, tending to plants can be comforting and supports mindfulness, and may even let you cultivate a source of fresh produce. Depending on the plants you choose, it can become a creative outlet as you explore color, pattern, and other facets of landscape design.

What if you don’t have space for a garden? Don’t worry. An indoor garden or even just potted plants can have positive effects on your mood while also reducing anxiety. If you can’t grow an outdoor garden, cultivate some green spaces in your home.

Speak to a Professional

If your mental health isn’t in a great place, speaking with a professional is always best. Whether you choose a counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist may depend on your unique needs. However, they all involve talk therapy, giving you an outlet and access to critical insights that can help you thrive.

Making mental health a priority as a busy mum juggling work-life and home life will have positive outcomes in all aspects of your life. Whether you clean up, change your clothes, breathe deeply, or plant something is up to you. Consider the above tips to determine what’s best for you to live a more joyful life.


Photo Credit: Natalie via Pexels