Init Yoga Experience

Init Yoga is the ‘Mothership’ of Mandala Yoga.

Amy, Gráinne and Susan, founders of Mandala Yoga along with many of the students and teaching team all practiced and taught at Init Yoga for many years.

Init Yoga occupied a unique space at 46 Ringsend Road, Dublin 4 for just under seven years.

Init Yoga was (and still is!) in the mind, body and hearts of those who practiced there, the birthplace of Power Yoga in Dublin. Its presence then (and its absence now) has left an indelible yoga mark on all who passed through its doors and left sweat on its floors…

Init Yoga Tribe Mandala Yoga Dublin


If you’re not familiar with the story….

Originally from the Philippines, Jeanne Fregil, opened Init Yoga in 2001. Jeanne built an amazing community of loyal and committed ‘power’ yogis and teachers.  Today she has left behind a wonderful yoga legacy in Dublin.  Mandala Yoga is very, very proud to be part of that legacy.

Mandala Yoga Dublin Init Yoga Jeanne Fregil
Learning to fly! @jeanne_fregil


Now living back home in the Philippines Jeanne continues to explore movement-based practices.

Connect directly with Jeanne via Instagram @jeanne_fregil