Jeanne Fregil

Jeanne is teaching a Movement Workshop on 10 March. Find out more.

Jeanne discovered yoga over 15 years ago and embarked on a lifetime journey that would radically change her body, mind and life.

She loves the openness of yoga and learning new alignment concepts from different yoga styles to bring into her practice & teaching. She started as a Bikram yoga teacher but soon expanded to other styles – Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin to name a few. 

Her passion lies in human movement exploring other movement concepts outside of yoga to develop her understanding of the body. She is passionate about learning body dynamics thru movement in relation to one’s personal anatomy.

With this, she has continued her study and investigation on new anatomical approaches, diving deep into functional range of motion and conditioning and other ideas in the movement world to fight the negative effects placed on our physical health by our modern lifestyle.

“I believe that we should approach our own practice with intelligence and an inquisitive mind in a non-dogmatic manner. (There is no perfect alignment, only your own body’s alignment!) Yoga is a dialogue between the body, mind and emotions.  It’s about understanding ourselves and digging deep into our different layers. It’s a never ending process of inquiry to create an intelligent practice suited to your body. My practice is all about feeling, observing and experiencing – creating space,mindfulness, fluidity and strength.”

  • Bikram Yoga
  •  Power Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Animal Flow® 
  • FRC ® Instructor)