Mandala Shakti Circle

Shakti Circle

The word Mandala means Circle.

The circle is an ancient form that represents wholeness, continuity and belonging.

We were delighted to launch our  Mandala Shakti Circle this January 2024 – a space where women can come together to sit, to be, to be seen,  to be heard and to be held on their journey.

Our next Shakti circle takes place on Saturday 23rd March, coinciding with the March Full Moon.

What is Shakti?

The word Shakti means power. Shakti energy is dynamic energy that is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe.

Shakti energy is feminine energy because Shakti is about creation. Shakti power nurtures the seed and brings it to fruition.

In this Shakti Circle, led by senior Mandala Yoga teachers – Manasi Sridhar and Amy O’Brien, we will explore the wisdom of this Divine Feminine energy through the lens of some of the most powerful Indian Goddesses from the yogic tradition, in their many forms and energies. 

In March we will explore the Goddess Durge.

This Circle is a journey of inquiry.  We will explore and reflect how Goddess energy shows up in our everyday lives.


Manasi Sridhar Mandala Shakti Circle


Amy O'Brien Mandala Yoga Dublin Shakti Circle

Why a Circle?

The nature of the circle is that there is no beginning, no ending, no hierarchy.

In the circle each person adds something to the circle creating an interesting, diverse and powerful tapestry. We come together to be there for ourselves and for one other.

This is an opportunity to Sit in Circle as a community. It is a space free of judgement, competition, expectation, pressure and noise. A gathering that creates time for you to introspect, connect with your Energy Body and make space for inner growth. 

What to expect: 

  • A ritual and a ceremony
  • Asana, pranayama practice to cleanse the body and breath
  • Meditation and journaling for reflection and inquiry
  • Sharing Circle to affirm all that you are and you are not.

What to bring:

  • Your authentic self. Come as who you are. Essential for this Energy Practice
  • A journal and a pen
  • Something close to your heart that you might add to the Altar.

Shakti Circles 2024

For questions please feel free to reach out to us or connect with Manasi or Amy.