Amalia Vrinceanu

About Amalia

Always seeking challenging ways to keep her body moving, Amalia was drawn to yoga looking for a change in her workout routine. Little she knew back then that yoga would change her life and would make her stay forever in love with the practice. Through regular practice she has found ease to sail through the still or rough waves of life.

“Yoga came into my life when despite having the job, the man, the life, I was constantly looking for more. I will never forget my first classes in Init, the flowing energy, the sweat and the laughs. What a great community. Every class made me feel lighter, cleansed and energized.”

Amalia Vrinceanu


Since then, yoga is still teaching Amalia every day that we are all that we need to be. Through consistent practice it teaches us  to subtly strip away and release all the toxic stories that keep us from ourselves. 

“I consider myself lucky enough to have had Amy and Susan as teachers and mentors for the past 2 years, and from them I learned, through ease and sometimes through challenge the lessons for me to now be a teacher too. I am forever grateful for the loving wisdom they are sharing with me.”

She completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training  with Yoga Works in Bali and started teaching right away, as she wanted to share the benefits of the yoga practice with as many people as possible, hoping they will benefit at least as much as she does from it.


Amalia teaches an alignment based Vinyasa Flow, and her classes are equally challenging and soothing. Whenever is not on her mat you will find her by the sea, in the park, by a river, in the woods, anywhere she can connect with the nature and absorb love, peace and harmony.

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