Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy and Mum & Baby Yoga

Six week courses of Pre Natal and Mum & Baby with Linda take place at regular intervals.

  • Prenatal classes welcome mothers from 12 weeks to term. 
  • Mum & Baby yoga classes welcome new mums with their little ones

Always check with your physician as to whether you should practice yoga or not.

For Mandala classes, if you know or think you might be pregnant, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class.

Find class descriptions below.

PreNatal Class –  Wednesdays 10am (50 mins)

Mum & Baby Yoga – Wednesdays 11am (50 mins)

Note:  Classes take place in St. Mary’s Parish Hall on Haddington Road.

Please direct all queries to Linda via email:



Prenatal classes primarily focus on helping mothers-to-be to feel supported and nourished. They help with your birth preparation with lots of attention on the pelvic floor whilst facilitating exercises for better mobility, flexibility, breathing and overall wellbeing throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga classes are a much softer and gentler practice built to support all the changes in your physical, emotional and energetic body that are taking place in order to prepare the new born for life as well as safely accommodating the baby into the practice.

You will also meet mothers to be in the circle of transition to motherhood which can be a very supportive and community space that goes beyond the physical practice.


Linda’s experience

‘For me pregnancy yoga was a great way to celebrate my growing belly and to fully embrace the process of becoming a mum. As I’m a bit of a control freak, I felt a big need to be informed. I loved tracking and learning about my baby’s development, but found it equally important to understand how I could nourish my òwn body along the way.

As I had just moved to Ireland when I was having my first baby, I loved connecting with other moms-to-be; to share tips, vulnerability and some good laughs. I think staying mobile and strong (‘motion is lotion’) definitely helped me feel generally good.

Prenatal yoga also affected me mentally. I started realising that releasing was just as important as strengthening. As my baby grew bigger, I was forced to slow down, do less and let go. Connecting with my boy though breath, very gentle movement and relaxation was wonderful. And as our teacher slowly started transforming us into ‘birthing goddess’ with her birth prep techniques, I slowly but steadily developed a ‘que sera sera’ attitude…

 I was very grateful for all of this. My wish to facilitate the same for you at this special time. Let’s strengthen and release together.’

 Class description Pre Natal:

At the beginning of class we’ll have some space to share. It’s nice to hear how everyone is feeling and how your little one is doing. You’re also very welcome to share some handy tips.

We’ll start our practice with some of centring. A bit of breath-led meditation helps us to come down. After a warming up to get us in to the groove, we’ll do some pelvic floor strengthening poses and then it’s time to come to the floor for our xtra long shavasana.

Some of the themes we will work with include: Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Creating space in the body. Connecting with baby. Birth preparation.



Mum & Baby Yoga has definitely supported me to mobilise myself in a safe way. I learned it was key to literally take baby steps. As my own Mum & Baby Yoga teacher described it, ’there’s no bouncing back’.

Having my first baby during a pandemic was not ideal. I was super excited to finally be a mom, but I was also quite anxious.

Finding ways to nurture myself was key. Finding sisterhood was key. Finding ways to relax wìth my little one was key. I started with baby massage. Seeing other mums and babes (even just on screen) and simply having some laughs together with silly songs. It was our special time and I always felt a bit lighter after.

And yes so many techniques turn out pretty useful. (Isn’t it great to make your baby poo?)

Just allowing yourself the process of becoming a mum… Slowly and steadily gaining balance and strength. (Just like our little ones.) Physically and mentally. It’s going with the flow. Doing what you have to do. Learning how to embrace and laugh about the beautiful mess, the silence in the chaos, the giggles among the cries, the imperfect perfection.

This class is about growing and giggling together.


Class description:  Mum and baby

We always start our class with a little chat and making ourselves cozy. Who’s who, how’s everyone doing and what will be the focus of the week ? Than we’ll do some centering. Slow down momma… Breathwork or short meditation.

Now mum gets all the attention while baby enjoys the show. We’ll do a warming up and head into our yoga postures. Than we will do some funky poses with baby, followed by some yoga for them. Some play, some songs, or some massage, lucky little ones !

After that we’ll build it down and you two get a little down time. Namaste ! Some themes we will be working with: Relaxation, pelvic floor & abdominal engagement, fun with baby, strength & stability.