Day Christensen Workshops

Fri 25th – Sun 27th October 2019

Mandala Yoga together with Boss Hot Yoga are delighted to bring Day Christensen all the way from Miami to join us for the October bank holiday weekend (25th – 27th October).

Day will lead a series of functional movement seminars and movement workshops that will deepen both your yoga practice and knowledge about how the body moves. Learn the anatomical explanation of exactly how to derive the safest full range of motion from your yoga asanas.

This weekend will be very thorough and useful for all levels of practitioners including the most basic.

Day is an athlete, incredible yogi and experienced teacher.  An authorised Level 2 Ashtanga teacher,  she is Strong, Powerful, Authentic, Knowledgeable.  She is not to be missed.

[More inspiration on Day’s instagram @day1yoga.]


These seminars and workshops will provide a deep understanding of the strength and skills needed to develop control and confidence in your yoga practice. Whilst it’s preferable to complete the entire series (€175), each workshop can be booked individually.

‘This program is the heart and soul, the foundation of all my teaching and practice so I am most excited to share it in such a comprehensive format in Dublin”. 

Day Christensen @Day1yoga

DAY1YOGA Method: Workshops / Seminars / Practice

These MODULES will provide meaningful explanation for ALL level of practitioners regarding the strength and skills toward the development of control and confidence in your vinyasa PLUS anatomical explanation of exactly how to derive the safest full range of motion from your yoga asanas.

All the Functional Movement Modules (A, B & C below) are seminars, where you can expect verbal explanation and demonstrations with very little physical class participation. Mental participation is a must! (Don’t worry you will be hooked!)

The final two modules on Sunday are Workshop Style, including some verbal lecture and physical class participation with simple yet effective exercises and techniques.

Pricing and booking information below.

Please note the workshops will take place in two venues:

FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER 7pm – 9pm

Venue: Mandala Yoga – Haddington Road
Functional Movement Workshop (A):
Exploring the Spine and Pelvis via Symmetrical Postures: Forward Bending and Backward Bending.

SATURDAY  26  OCTOBER 10am – 12pm

Venue: Mandala Yoga – Haddington Road
Functional Movement Workshop (B):
Exploring Mobility in the Hips and Pelvis via Asymmetrical Postures

SATURDAY  26  OCTOBER 1pm – 3pm

Venue: Mandala Yoga – Haddington Road
Functional Movement of the Shoulders (C): Creating stability in the vinyasa movements

SUNDAY  27  OCTOBER 1o.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: Boss Hot Yoga – Stoneybatter
Application of shoulder stability to asana and movement: Jumping | Lifting | Floating | Flying

SUNDAY  27  OCTOBER 1pm – 3pm

Venue: Boss Hot Yoga – Stoneybatter
Applied Anatomy in Backbending: Putting together the pieces of Spinal, Scapular and Hip to create the best feeling back bends of your life.



Payment for workshops payable online below.

(Click the link to purchase the number of workshops you wish to attend.)

If you are NOT attending all 5 workshops, please email us confirming which of the 5 workshops you ARE attending. We’ll register you and you’ll receive a confirmation email.



Ashtanga Yoga is the foundation practice for what we know today as ‘vinyasa flow’, ‘rocket yoga’ and even ‘power yoga’. The Ashtanga practice is made up of a primary, secondary and advanced series that students progress through.

The Primary Series is the foundation series and is a set sequence of postures practiced in the same way each class. The breath and the drishti (gaze) accompany each movement. It is this repetition of poses that brings the discipline and great strength we associate with Ashtanga yoga and yogis.

Ahead of Day’s arrival if you’d like to explore and learn the essentials of the Ashtanga yoga primary series, we have an Ashtanga led class every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm  taught by Alison Clancy.  Learn more.

Alison is an experienced Vinyasa, Forrest and Ashtanga yoga teacher. She teaches power yoga with Mandala Yoga. .